She was born in Athens. She studied and started working at D. Mourlas workshop in painting churches in Greece and abroad since 1997 till date, such as:

• 1999- St. Constantine & Helen Church, Nea Ionia, Athens,Greece

• 1999- St. Spyridon Church, Nea Ionia, Athens, Greece

• 2005- The Holy Trinity Church, Ekali, Athens, Greece

• 2005 St. Nicholaos Greek Orthodox Church, Atlantic City, USA

• 2006- Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, Modesto, California, USA

• 2011- Greek Orthodox Church of Our Savior, Rye, New York, USA

• 2013- Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Greater, Orlando, USA

• 2015- Zoodochos Pigi Church,Marousi(Psalidi),Athens,Greece

• 2016- Assumption of the blessed Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Church, Long Beach, California, USA

She works professionally with icons and murals and her works are in private collections, monasteries and churches throughout Greece and abroad.

Churches that have been iconographed with individual work:

• 2000-2001- St. Spyridon Chapel, Nea Ionia, Athens, Greece

• 2002-2004 - Presentation of the Virgin Mary Church, Palaiokatouno, Arta, Greece

• 2003-2006 - Assumption of the Virgin Mary Church, Terpna, Arta, Greece

• 2003 - St. Paraskevi Church, Kato Kalentini, Arta, Greece

• 2005-2008 St. Gerasimos & St. Arsenios Chapel, Nea Ionia, Athens, Greece

• 2007 - St. Dimitrios private Chapel of Mr. Ar. Papandreou, Loutraki, Peloponnese, Greece

• 2008 – St. Raphael & Nicolas & Eirini Chapel, Neo Heraklion, Athens, Greece

• 2008 – St. John the Theologian cemetery Church, Klenia, Korinth, Peloponnese, Greece

• 2009 – St. Theodori private Church of Mrs Z.Polyzogopoulou, Maroussi, Athens, Greece

She has participated in several group exhibitions of iconography:

1. 1998 Municipality of Athens, National Association of Iconographers, Greece

2. 1998 Peace and Friendship Stadium, Athens,Greece

3. 1999 Municipality of Heraklion Attica "Villa Stella", where for the offer in cultural, she received the Distinction "Women's Day", Greece

4. 1999/2000 Municipality of Karia, Lefkas, Greece

5. 2001 Municipality of Preveza, Greece

6. 2002/2003 Municipality of Heraklion Attica "Cultural Multicenter", Athens,Greece

7. 2003 "Icons Art" Holy Synod Athens, Greece

8. 2007 Technopolis Gazi, Panhellenic Association of Iconographers

9. 2008 Gordon Gallery, Ireland

10. 2012 -Panaitolio- Municipal Gallery, Nea Ionia, the National Association of Iconographers, Athens, Greece.

11. 2016 Exhibition of Byzantine Icons and religious art on: "Colors and taste." Nea Ionia Volou, Holy Metropolis of Demetrias.

From 1999 to 2013, she taught Iconography at the Nea Ionia & Philadelphia(Athens, Greece), Metropolis' Byzantine Iconography School " Evangelist Lucas ".

She is a member of Greek Fine Arts Chamber and Greek Association of Iconographers.

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