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Travelling in our pages you will have the opportunity to discover the beauty of modern Byzantine Iconography, the techniques of icons and murals.

By the word Iconography, we call the depiction of holy persons of the Saints, the manner and the art of construction of the holy icons. The iconography is Byzantine art and as such is characterized: Classical, Historical and Interpretative.

This characterized Classic because it has the characteristics of classical art, so far, the equilibrium, unity, harmonious proportions and tranquility.

This characterized Historical because shows historical persons ie persons existed.

This characterized Interpretative because the pattern and color illustrates the sacred texts and the rules of orthodox doctrine.

After Western influence, the return to traditional Orthodox Iconography was a necessity. Among those who pioneered was the iconographer(not only) Fotis Kontoglou.

The iconography, the only Greek painting, continues its great progress until today and always remains fresh and unique.

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